My name is

M I C H A L   F R A C K O W I A K Mee

and I am a Traveller / Adventurer from Poland. I am also a passionate Photographer and Writer even though my only writings have been published on the Internet in Polish language.

All together I like to think of my self as of thinking and always searching person, which decided to reject the boredom of everyday life and do something different.

After I have finished my studies at the University Of Gdansk, on the German Philology faculty,  (for those who are very curious that is a link to my thesis in German of course mgr-email) I went to Ireland to collect the money on the Dream of my Life which is the Expedition Around the World.

I have spent some time in beautiful Killarney working hard for the success of the Expedition. After this time I was ready to conquer the world and so in a company of my two amazing friends (Maja Zakrzewska and Marcin Buzalski) I went to discover how wonderful surprising and divert is the world just around the corner.

To find out more about the Expedition itself please go to the Expedition pages. On the right hand side You will find a description of the countries I have travelled through.

Without further delay I would like to invite You to take part in the Dream of my Life which is the EXPEDITION MICHAL and maybe one day we will be able to sit down with a bottle of good wine and look back laughing at the past together.

It is a hard time for Travellers therefore I am asking You to show the generosity of your heart in helping with my current project EXPEDITION MICHAL 2009